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Visitors' Feedback

Dear Bondhu,
This is the best site I have ever visited on Maa Mahishasur Mardini.
Thanks for providing such valuable information.

This is really a nice & informative website. Thanks to the team.
Rakesh Kumar Singh

It is an awesome website giving all the details related to celebration of Durga Puja. I am a resident of Ghaziabad. Every year, in our society we organize a four days cultural program from shashti to navmi and i conduct this program. I had very little knowledge about Durga Puja. But this web site has given me a lot of knowledge and made me aware of the significance of this festival which i can now use during the conducting of the program. Thank you.

Thank you because of you we are able to read the super powerful kavach while we are on work. Thanks once again Jai Mata Di
Amit Sharma

It's great to read Durga Kawach and shlokas. It is a great help for a working girl like me as I don't get time to perform puja at home. I can easily chant mantras in office in my free time with the help of your website.

Nice website. Those who work on this, atleast they can open this website and chant the mantras of Goddess Durga and can remember God once in a day. If you remember God everyday, your each ambition is fulfilled and you are never dissatisfied in your life.
Divya Gupta

Very nice website.
God bless you
Naresh Menghani

The site is really good for all Durga devotees.

Very beautiful site of Maa Durga. This site mentions everything about Durga Mata.


I am very happy to see this page and thankful to your group. You are attracting everybody in the field of mythology as people have become so busy and have kept themselves away from the religious world. Its a great work. Thank you all once again.

Vikas Kumar

I found the site really interesting. I just got it from seacch engine.

"This site is really good one as it provides a lot of information of tradition, mythology, festivals etc."
G. Mahesh

"It is good to see Durga Kavatch on your website. I am also pleased to see the Hindi version of it also."
Mrs. Alpana Sinha

"Thanks a lot for the page of "Shri Durga Kawacham". I was looking for the same for a long time and was even trying to be at Kolkata's Kalimaa Mandir this time. It is good to have Devi Kawacham here. It would highly be appreciated if the Hindi(Devnagri) version of the same is also arranged. I just love this site.
"Thanks again
God bless you
Abhishek Sharma

" "It is good to see Durga Kavach on your website. I am also pleased to see the Hindi version of it also."
Mrs. Alpana Sinha

"This is the most amazing site... with very very accurate information. Thanks for providing us with a site to help us keep rooted to our amazing and fulfilling tradition!"
Keep it up!
Indranil Roy

"Very impressed!!! I saw your site when sitting idle while everyone went outside to see Pandals and Maa Durga. I was sick and missing something. Your site gave me the pleasure which I cannot describe. Such sites are very rare and useful for visitors abroad and also for we Indians who would like to know more about our rich cultural heritage. Thank you for such a beautiful site. "
Devika Halder

"Congratulation for developing a very beautiful web site in the lotus feet of Jagdamba Bhagwati. May Devi bless you and your team. This website may be more useful if Durga Stuti, Devi Kavach and some more popular Stotram are added in Hindi (Devnagari) font, as English font may lead to improper pronunciation. Though meaning and description may be given in English in order to be useful to persons not knowing Hindi Language.
"Rajesh Kumar Kandoi

"I found your site by searching Google. I was so delighted to see the site that I felt from my heart that I must post a feed back. Guys you're great. Your devotion and dedication is really appreciable. I'm a web designer myself and by looking at your site I can feel that you've spent quite a time on this site. That's amazing. Because normally this type of site are designed with ignorance. Thanks for putting up such a beautiful site. Just keep going. Best of luck. Wish you a great Durga Puja
"Sharodiya Shuvechha
Shuvojit, Bangladesh

"I appreciate the nice and broad collection of information on your site. This is the best online literature on festivals I have ever seen. You have maintained quantity and quality both in same ratio. Very good job!"
Pawan Jaiswal

Great work done. I was searching for this in English because I cannot read Sanskrit or Marathi. Thank you very much. I would also request you to kindly add voice to the Durga Kavach so that the exact pronunciations are understood. If only you could add this to your page it would be very beneficial to people like me who do not have any other access to learning it.
"Thanking You

"I find your site very informative!"
Steven Cole

I am very grateful to you. Thanks for this good work. May God bless you.
Keshav Pandey

"J ai Maa Durga ! Thank you for the wonderful web site. I particularly appreciate the detailed and relevant information on Durga Mata and other Goddesses."

I like your site very much. It is very informative and also beautiful. Thank you for doing this!"
Lisa Star

"My regards on providing us with a very good site for information on the goddess."

"It gives me immense joy to see that you have come up with such a wonderful and detailed site. It is really a fabulous effort and you deserve appreciation for it."
Rohit Garewal

"Your website contains lot of informative things about Mata Durga. Its indeed a nice work."
Thanks & Regards
Navin Shettigar

"Truely overwhelming!!! I also work on web development, but this site has given me new dimension about the way of representation. Keep the contents updated. Good luck guys."
Samarjit Acharya

"This is an awsome site. It feels so good to have Indian tradition and culture depicted so beautifully.
"Great Work
Very Impressed
Very Proud
Thank You

" Very much helpful and lots of informations of Hindu culture. I hope you will be more success in future and you people can carry on your's job.
" Thanks"
Avijit Halder

"Thankyou for this wonderful page of giving the puja's in the english script. Though I know speak hindi, I cannot read and write it as I have studied abroad. I have all the cassettes of the puja but with the words I will now be able to follow it more carefully."

" In one word this is 'Fantastic'. A great instance of graphic design and compilation. A fabulous collection of information about Devi Durga and tradition of Durga Puja.
Thanking You
Pinaki Nandy

Hello" Your site is indeed very informative and presented very tastefully too.
"Ashwita Vajandar

" A superb site. Keep it up. Nice to get all the details at one go."
Saheli Sarkar

"I am really impressed with the contents of web-site."
Prashant Kumar Shukla

" Your website is fabulous and very informative. The language of the content is also very interesting as well as lucid. I congratulate you all for this great job."
Ujjwal Pratap

"Your write on Durga Puja is really good. I enjoyed reading it." Thank you.
Rajkumari Dharamdass

"I became very happy to see this website. I congratulate the organiser and wish them to achieve every success for this very auspicious occasion."

Thank you very much.

"A brilliant piece of work. Was suprised to see such details in the site. The user-interface and graphics are good and classy. Keep up the great work."
Warm regards
Joydeb Sengupta
London, UK

Hi, "Your site is special."
Warm regards

"Thank you all for building up such a wonderfull website. Well done and keep up the good work!!!!!! May the divine mother bless your team yours"
a satisfied devotee

"This is the best site on the Puja I have seen. Very well designed and constructed. I travel all over the world and at the moment am looking at this site from a Starbucks Cafe in Chicago. I have gorwn up celebrating the Puja and will be home in Mumbai in time for the Puja this time too. Sites like yours help us keep connected. Keep up the good work !!"
Samudra Sen samudra

"I visited your site and enjoyed its collection of Durga Puja content at religion page."

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