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Durga Puja SMS

Goddess Durga is back again on her way to home. Thus it's again for everyone to get started with preparations for the festival of Durga Puja which is also recalled as Durgotsav. Apart from significant rituals like worshipping Goddess Durga, the festival Durga Puja is the time for everyone to greet and wish their near and dear ones. These Durga Puja SMS will definitely help you greet your loved ones on upcoming Durga Puja.

Best 15 Durga Puja SMS to greet and wish your loved ones:

1. Nil akashe megher vela
padmya fuler papri mela
Dhaker taale kasher khela
Anonde katuk Sharod bela
Happy Durga Puja!

2. May the festive season brightens your day and night,
May it adds color and make your life brighter
May it amply remove all worries from your life,
And gives you the strength to face every strive
May it bless your life with lots of joy and health,
May it further enrich you with lots of peace and wealth.
**Happy Durga Puja**

3. Himer paras mone jage,
sabi jeno notun lage.
agamonir khabor peye,
Boner pakhi utlo geye.
sishirveja notun bhore,
Ma aschen alo kore.
!!Happy durga puja!!

4. durga mohamaya, songe aschen lakhi, sorosati,
kartik and gonsha, deshe porte debena kono bipoder chhaya.
**Subho Durga Pujo**

5. Good health, success, happiness and prosperity,
Joy, peace, love and lots of popularity.
These are my wishes for you this festive season,
For all my joy and happiness you are the only reason.
**Happy Durga Puja**

6. Thousands of dreams for a destination,
A small hurddle may bring interruption.
Keep faith on Maa Durga as
Ultimately she is Durgati nasini…
!!Happy Durga Puja!!

7. Shiuli Phuler gandhe jeno bhore gelo mon,
Subhro sitol kasher sobhaye juralo du nayan,
Agomonir barta boye bajche dhaker sur,
Sharodiyar dingulo hok anondo modhur !
!!Subho Durga Puja!!

8. May the nine manifestations of Goddess Durga in
Chandra Ghanta
Skanda Mata
Kaal Ratri
Maha Gauri and
Siddhidatri bless you at all times!
!!Happy Durga Puja!!

9. A very powerful band of lightning emerged from the mouths of lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and a young, beautiful female virgin with ten hands appeared. Every God gave their special weapons to her. This Shakti coalesced to form the goddess Durga. Riding on a lion, who assisted her and Durga fought Mahishasura. The battle raged for nine days and nights. Finally on the tenth day of Ashvin shukla paksha, Mahishasura was defeated and killed by Durga. Hence Dasha-Hara is also known as Navratri or Durgotsav and is a celebration of Durga's victory. May you triumph over every evil in your life on this Durgotsav!
**Happy Durga Puja**

10. May Maa Durga EMPOWER u With her 9 BLESSINGS of
Name, Fame,
Health, Wealth,
Happiness, Humanity,
Gyaan, Bhakti
& Shakti!
!!Happy Durga Puja!!

11. Those empty spaces were my silent prayers,
Asking Maa Durga to guide & protect YOU always
In whatever YOU do & wherever YOU are!
!!Wish you and your family a very Happy Durga Puja!!

12. May the divine blessings of Goddess Durga
Enrich your life and
Fill your home and heart
With happiness and joy
Wish you a happy Durga Puja and Dussehra!!

13. Let the Joy of Festivity
Embrace You & Your Loved Ones
On The Occasion of Dussehra This Year!
Very Very Happy Dussehra
To You & Your Family
May Maa Bless You
With Happiness All the Year Through!
**Wishing You n your Family A Happy Durga Puja**

14. Durga Puja Khushio ka,
Ujalo ka, Umeedon Durga ka….
Is Durga puja Aapki Zindagi
khushiyon se bhari ho,
Duniya ujalo se roshan ho,
Ghar par Maa Durga ka Aagman ho…
Happy Durga Puja!!

15. May you celebrate all the 6 days of Durgaotsav -
Maha Saptami
Maha Ashtami
Maha Nabami
With reverence, purity and spirit!
Happy Durga Puja!

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