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Navrati Poems

Navratri is the festival of celebration of 9 days. It is the auspicious time of the year when goddess Durga is worshipped for complete 9 days. Devotees also pay tribute to all the powers of goddess Durga and seek her blessing. Moreover, Navratri is the cheerful time of the year to welcome goddess Durga on earth. Thus many the cultural programs are a part of the celebration of Navratri or Durga Puja. So for the ones willing to recite Navratri Poems to loved ones during the festival celebration, here below are some Navratri Poems to choose from:

1. Poetry for Navratri (English)

The temple priest has rung his bell.
A cloud of smoke from candles and lamps
Haloes the Goddess, glowing bright
This beat of drums both maddens and dulls.

The incense burns: so heady the musk,
Our senses flounder in the flood.
This endless chant of sacred words
Soon drugs our lips and stuns our minds.

The Goddess, always staring down:
Her painted pupils cut through smoke
And read the secret thoughts we think.
We somehow feel this within our hearts.

To Mother, we know, we bow and pray –
Her form not just this image of clay.

2. Happy Navratri Poem (Hindi)

Maa Bharti Jholi Khali!
Maa Ambe Vaishno Wali!
Maa Sankat Harne Wali!
Maa Vipda Mitane Wali!
Maa Ke Sabhi Bhakto Ko Navratra Ki Shubh Kamnae !!
Jis Phool Ke Khilne Ki Dua Karte ho
Wo Ek Na Ek Din Jaroor Khilega
Aradhna Karo Maa Durga ki
Jo Mangoge Wo Jaroor Milega
Jai mata di
Happy Navratri

3. Navratri Poem (English)

Nine nights for goddess Durga
Full of dance and songs
People worship her image
With flowers and prayers long.
May the Goddess bless us
With precious gifts to mankind
People praise her image
Full of beauty divine!

4. Happy Navratri Poem (Hindi)

Maa Ki Jyoti Se Noor Milta Hai,
Sabke Dilo Ko Shurur Milta Hai,
Jo Bhi Jatahai Maa Ke Dwar,
Kuch Na Kuch Jarur Milta Hai.
Shubh Navratri

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