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Durga Puja Gifts

Durga Puja festival is an important Hindu festival which is marked by worshipping Goddess Durga. It is a nine day celebration, each day is marked by worshipping Shiva, Lakshmi, Ganesha, Saraswati, Kartikeya, Mahishasura and Goddess Durga. Celebrations of Durga Puja are visible throughout the country but this festival witness a grand celebration especially in the state of West Bengal where the festivities take gigantic proportions. Many pandals are decorated during the festival to honour Goddess Durga.

The festival is known as various names such as Dussehra, Akalbodhan, Durgotsab, Maayer Pujo, etc. It is also known as Navratri Puja in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi. Fasting, festival dishes, devotional songs, decorations are some of the main aspects of the Dussehra festivals. Like any other festival in India, this Durga Pooja festival is also incomplete without the exchange of Gifts.

Durga Puja Gifts Ideas

Goddess Durga Idols:- On the occasion of Durga Puja, one can send blessings to his loved ones by gifting them an aesthetically carved idol of Goddess Durga. All the experienced artisans indulge themselves in creating such idols.

Dandiya Sticks:- The market gets flooded with beautifully decorated dandiya sticks which is an important part of Navratri poja. For nine days, people used to gather near the pooja place and play dandiya with these sticks. dandiya sticks can be a better option to present to your dear ones on this auspicious occasion.

Apparels for Durga Puja:- People also gift clothes like sarees, dhoti and kurtas to their loved ones. Saress with elegant embroidery is the most popular gifts for women.

Dussehra Greeting Cards:- Durga Puja greetings cards are the perfect gift for those staying in different countries. You can easily select an e-card and send them to your loved ones within a minute to greet them. Dura Puja greetings are very easily delivered and most of them are easy to purchase too.

Durga Puja Items:- Various types of Durga Pooja items including pooja diya, chunari for Maa Durga and many more can also be gifted to the near and dear ones. This is a way to convey your blessings and love to them.

Sweets & Mithais:- Delicious Sweets and mithais can be a perfect gift for Dussehra festival. All the sweets shop gets flooded with variety of mithais to attract people on this occasion. You can also send sweets to distant places through online gifting sites and wish your dear one around the globe.

Decoratives :- You can also browse through different variety of Durga Pooja decoratives that includes wall hangings, lamp shades, candle holders, etc. These can be used to decorate your home, pooja place, entry place and many others.

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