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The Significance of Performing Various Durga Puja Rituals Posted on : 13th September, 2017

The human soul had got contaminated over the years with the hazardous blend of the impurities of the World. Performing various religious rituals on various festivals has been a part of our existence since ages. When it comes to Hinduism and their spirit of getting entrenched in the serenity, worshipping Gods & Goddesses is considered to be of the prime importance.


Symbolism of Goddess Durga's Ten Hands Posted on : 07th September, 2017

In the Hindu mythology, Goddess Durga is considered as one of the popular sacred figures. The prowess of Durga is depicted with her 10 hands holding different weapons and symbolizing various shaktis that human possess. Her three eyes and the ride of Lion showcase her strength further. A women is often referred to have taken the form of Durga when she is ate her best spirit to fight against the evil.


The Significance of Durga Puja in India and Its Celebration Posted on : 4th October, 2017

One of India's most auspicious festivals, Durga Pooja signifies "victory of good over evil". The festival is celebrated by worshipping Goddess of Power (Maa Shakti). The festival occurs in the Hindu month Ashwin and festival takes place from first day to tenth day of this month. The festival is an event of great passion and zeal for Indians and overseas Indians who are settled there come back to their home in India to celebrate this grand yet auspicious birthday with their family and close ones.


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