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Shree Durga Parameshwari Temple

Kateel is a sacred place for Hindus in Dakshina Kannada. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga Parameshwari. The holy temple is situated in the middle of the sacred river and is surrounded by panoramic scenes and fascinating greeneries. The devotees are overwhelmed with pious emotions when they glance at the flowing water in the river, which embraces all around the lower layer of the temple. Kateel is 29 K.M. distances from Mangalore city.

After entering main entrance and before entering into the temple, on the left side a big symbolic rock can be seen that is called as Goddess Rakteshwari. Pooja are performed everyday to Goddess Rakteshwari. On every Sankramana devotees offer coconut sevas to the Goddess. There also lays a shrine dedicated to Goddess Chamundi, another form of Goddess Durga Devi.

Free meals are offered to devotees and visitors every noon and night. Devotees accept these meals with great devotion and treat this as a grace of Goddess Shree Durga Parameshwari. Since Goddess Shree Durga Parameshwari likes dance and music, a play team is dedicated exclusively for the cultural activity of Yakshagana (folk play) depicting the miraculous power and grace of Goddess.

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