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Marikamba Temple of Sirsi, Karnataka

Sri Marikamba Temple of Sirsi is a famous Devi shrine situated in northern part of the state of Karnataka. The temple is highly regarded by the devotees spread not just all over Karnataka but also in the neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Every alternate year millions of devotees from remote parts of the country gather at Sirsi to participate in the famous Shri Marikamba Fair. Darshana of Devi is considered to be extremely auspicious during the time of the fair.

Sri Marikamba Temple houses a huge idol of Devi - about seven feet tall. The temple is said to have been built in the year 1689. It is in fact considered to be the biggest idol and temple dedicated to Marikamba in the state of Karnataka. People of Uttara (northern) Kannada and Dakshina (southern) Kannada districts regard Goddess Marikamba as their chief goddess of worship and a family deity. They believe that Devi dispels evil forces and protect them from natural calamities.

Location of Sri Marikamba Temple at Sirsi too attracts number of devotees. Sirsi is surrounded by hills, picturesque thick deciduous forest and several waterfalls. An altitude of 2500 feet above the sea level, ensures that Sirsi enjoys a wonderful climate at all times. Plethora of other places of tourist attraction is complimented by the good natured people of this town.

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