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Durga Puja Essay

Mrityostulyam Trilokeem Graisitumatirasat Nihsrita Kim Nu Jihva Kim Va Krinshanngri Padm Srinibhiranunita Krishnapadyah Padavya Prapta Sandhya Smaraih Swayam iti Nuti Bhi Trisra Ityuhyamanaih Devaih Devyastrulkshtamahis Juso Rakta Dharah Jayanti [van durgopanisat]

With their hands folded and shoulders drooping as a gesture of absolute submission, Gods gathered around the magnanimous Mother of the Universe after she had relinquished the mighty demon Mahishasura.

Gods were absolutely taken aback as they saw streams of blood gushing out of the levianthon Mahishasura. They could not decide whether it was the all devastating red tongue of Mrityu or death darting out to consume all three lokas or is this the mighty current of Ganges that has turned red by coming in contact with lacre smeared on Lord Krishna's feet. Or is it the sandhya (evening) time and Lord Shiva has himself resumed his routine tandava dance? Glory unto the blood stream gushing out Mahishasura body as he is stabbed by Mother Mahishamardini's trident.

Mahisa took over the stage of world affairs and righteousness, piety and all other human values were on the verge of extinction. All votaries of virtue and righteousness were disintegrated and there was no hope of revival. Mahisa was by nature a furious expression of brutal might, ruthless subjugation and unruly cosmic derangement that conflicting all civic and cultural values. His devastating wrath was incredible. He could empty oceans by hitting them with his tail. Earth would get smashed to bits as he stamped it with his mighty hoofs. His enormous horns would disperse flakes of clouds in the heavens. And merely the force of his hissing would hurl huge mountains into the sky.... He was a living bomb that had explosive power of billions and trillions of kilo tons.

Who could kill him?

Might of all seers and Gods were trifling before Mahishasura. They cried in despair as they were grieving. Ultimately, it was the power of these Gods and Seers that were accumulated and manifestated in the form of a Goddess. Her stature was as magnanimous as the universe. She was pervading the entire universe with her profile. The Goddess carried all weapons belonging to all Gods and demigods. When she twanged her bow the sound filled all quarters and Mahisa was bewildered. "What is this?", he shouted as he dashed towards Jagadambika, the Mother of the Universe to assault her. And the stupendous battle between righteousness and evil started.

It took Her only a while to annihilate all vicious demons who were subservient to Mahisa, the embodiment of evil. Finally She was all set to terminate the buffalo demon. He began to attack from various direction, in innumerable forms. He became a lion, an elephant and then disappeared.

Goddess Durga jumped on him. Her vehicle, the lion, grappled with the mighty demon. She stamped him under her feet and poked her trident straight into his neck ..thus the dread full demon was finished.

Gods rejoiced and as they gathered to felicitate the Divine Mother. They were confused about what they saw in front of them..a massive current of stream of blood flowing from Mahisa's body. They wondered was it death's darting tongue? or Ganga has turned red. Or is it Shiva himself with his dance of devastation during the dusk??

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