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Durga Bhajan

Hey Amba Hey Amba Hey Amba Bol
Eeshwara Sat Chitta Ananda Bol
Saamba Sada Shiva Saamba Sada Shiva Saamba Sada Shiva
Bol Paalaka Preraka Satpathi Bol
Amba Amba Jaya Jagadamba Akhilaandeshwari Jaya Jagadamba

(Sing "Oh Mother, Oh Mother, Oh Mother"; Sing "Lord, Existence, Awareness. Bliss Absolute"; Sing "Eternally Auspicious One"; Sing "Protector, Inspirer and Lord of All"; Hail to Mother, the Mother of the world; Hail to the Mother of the entire Universe )

Hey Chinmayee Sai Janani
Maatha Jaganmayi Sai Janani
Thathwa Brahma Mayi Sai Janani
Paraathparaamayi Sai Janani
Shiva Shakthimayi Sai Janani
Nithyaanandmayi Sai Janani

(Hey Mother, the One who captivates the mind, Oh Mother Sai who captivates the world, Thou art the embodiment of the creation itself, Oh Mother Sai, the all pervading effulgent One. You are endowed with the power of Shiva, Oh Mother Sai; You are ever immersed in supreme Bliss)

Hey Rambha Janani Shree Sai Janani
Bhavaani Jagadambe Maa Bhavaani Jagadambe Maa
Tribhuvana Paalini Hey Karunaamayi Uma Shaaradaamba
Raksha Karo Sai Maa

(Oh Mother, Oh Sai Bhavani, Jagadambe (all appellations of the Supreme Mother, the feminine aspect of Godhead), You protect the three worlds; You have supreme compassion. Oh Uma, Sharada (different names for Parvathi), please protect us)

Jagadambikey Jai Mano Mani
Karunya Nilaye Kaadambari
Amba Karunya Nilaye Kaadambari
Karuna Kari Amba Parmeshwari
Mohan Roopa Mayi Jagadeeshwari

(Victory to Mother Amba, Mother of Universe. Chant the name of Mother Saraswati (Kadambari: Goddess who moves about in Kadamba vana), who is embodiment of compassion; Mother Amba Mother of Universe, who is enchanting and mericful.)

Jagadodhaarini Maa Vishwavilaasini Maa
Sthirasukha Daayini Maa
Jaya Jagadeeshwari Jaya Parameshwari
Jaya Partheeswari Parvathi Maa
Jagadodhaarini Maa Vishwavilasini Maa
Parthipureeswari Parvathi Maa
Bhava Bhaya Haarini Bhairavi Maa
Shambavi Maa Gauri Maa
Jaya Bhuvaneshwari Jaya Jagadeeshwari
Jaya Partheeshwari Parvathi Maa

(Hey Mother, the One who uplifts the world, The One who illumines the whole world, The One who bestows ever lasting happiness, Victory to Thee, Goddess of the world, Victory to Thee, the One whose abode is at Puttaparthy, Oh Mother Parvathi, Thou art the dispeller of the cycle of birth and death, Victory to You, Bhairavi, Shambhavi, Gauri (all are differenet names for Parvathi) Maa, victory to Thee! Victory to Thee Parvathi, whose abode is at Puttaparthi)

Jagadodhaarini Matha Durga Jagadodhaarini Maa
Jaago Jaago Maa, Jaago Jaago Maa, Jaago Jaago Maa, Jananee
Hey Durga Devi Rana Chandi Devi Hey Shiva Ramana Jaago Ma
Hey Shiva Ramana Jaago Ma
Jaago Jagadodhaarini Ma

(This is a "Praana-prathistaapana" song. The Deity has been sculptured in clay, dried, draped in the finest silk garments, decked with gold and diamond jewelry and placed in the shrine. Before beginning formal worship, devotees chant the "Prana- prathishtapana" song and pray " Goddess Mother, we have prepared the clay statuette. Please infuse it with Your presence. Please breath life into it and make it wake up and come to life" The meaning of the song is: Mother, uplifter of the universe, please wake up. Durga, chandi, consort of Lord Shiva, please make the image wake up into a living vibrant You.)

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